Raleigh Headshots

Raleigh Headshots – in Studio or On-Location

Raleigh Headshots – We provide world-class quality headshots in Raleigh, North Carolina and surrounding areas. Portraits with Purpose offers a range of professional headshot and business portraits to meet your, your teams or company’s demanding needs for a strong visual presence online and in printed material.

Best Portrait Photographers in Raleigh

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Portrait Style – In-Studio or On-Location?

To start off, one of the first things to consider is, what style of portrait are you and your organization looking for?

Is it timeless professional headshots in studio against e.g. a white, grey or other background. Or is it a portrait set in a space that provides some context and conveys additional information about you and your business you are looking for?

The on-location portrait sample above shows an executive in a pleasant office setting. This provides some more context about the person and his/her business. The production value is higher than traditional professional headshots because of the environment and the lighting. Therefore portraits like these tend to feel richer and more “high-end.”

On-location business portraits also provide opportunities to bring in elements such as colors and accessories. This can help pick up on the individual’s or organization’s look and feel, such as corporate  colors or graphical elements such as logotypes.

The other main style alternative is the traditional studio portrait, or headshot photo, most often against a seamless background. This background may be completely white, a solid or gradient grey, or some discrete and pleasant pattern.

Location – On-Site or Off-Site?

Another main consideration is where to make the portrait. For larger groups, it may be more time- and cost-effective to set up the studio or location in or close to the organization’s place of business. This way, there’s less work interruption for executives and other team members as they simply can head to the agreed location at e.g. pre-scheduled time slots.

Whichever option you prefer, our session will result in a set of world-class portraits that will make you stand out positively, help you connect with your existing and prospective customers, and that will shine a bright light on you and your organization.

Commitment to Meet Your Budget and Needs – Let’s Talk!

While the investment for a Portraits with Purpose portrait session typically starts at $175, including secure electronic delivery of a full set of licensed images, every situation and session is unique. I make it a point to tailor your investment – and the photo shoot – to your individual needs.

So while you won’t find a standard price list here, as I don’t think of you as a “standard person,” what I can offer you is award-winning photographer with a true passion for making the best possible portrait of you. I then deliver professional quality images quickly, the way you want to receive them and in the format or formats you need, be it for online or print use.

I look forward to speaking with you, so please click here to connect!