About Portraits with Purpose

I am Christer Berg, a Raleigh, North Carolina-based professional headshot, environmental and studio portrait photographer who is fueled by a strong passion for making impactful portraits.

Over the past seven years I have been fortunate to get to know and photograph a number of very interesting, passionate people. It has also been very rewarding to be recognized for my work by receiving a number of awards and exhibiting my work both in and outside of North Carolina.

My work includes an on-going project called People with Purpose (now you may have an idea of where “Portraits with Purpose” comes from), which is an environmental portraits project that celebrates people who contribute positively to our community – writers, musicians and other artists, publishers, chefs, artistic directors, civil right lawyers, and more.

Portraits with Purpose – Impactful Portrait Photography

Portraits with Purpose shares many of the same goals – to make wonderful, engaging and truthful environmental or studio portraits that speak to the viewer.  It is about creating impactful portraits of professionals such as you, that convey your personality in a way that will resonate with your audience and make you and your team feel good about yourselves and proud of one another.

My goal is to make portraits that go beyond being technically perfect, to also tell a compelling story, convey expertise and reveal the passion in my subjects – professionalism with a human, interesting touch, far from the stiff head shots we’ve all seen too many of.

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Unlike the often used “conveyor belt” approach to corporate photography prevalent today, my process is different in that I take the time to get to know you, building a sense of trust and establishing a shared commitment to a great end-result.

Can I set up lighting and photograph you in 15 minutes from start to finish? Absolutely. But that is probably not going to convey who you truly are and help set you apart from your competition  – a competent, passionate professional with a knack for solving the needs of your clients.


“Christer, of Portraits with Purpose, is a fantastic photographer, but more than that, he does a great job listening to a client, understanding the messages they are trying to communicate, and composing portraits that meet that need.”
– Malcolm Alexander

“Christer is an extraordinary artist: he thinks and feels deeply about his subjects and is able to convey so much more than the surface appearances with his portraiture. His craft is superb; he can create a varied and original presentation with lighting, studio post production and other techniques. He is outgoing, enthusiastic and empathetic. I recommend him without reservation.”
– Jillian Goldberg

“Christer’s photos were exactly what we needed for our organization. He did our professional headshots, studio portraits and also on-location shots for our trade show booth. He made our executives comfortable as many do not like to take pictures, so everyone looked great.”
– Robin Kent

“I manage the photography at the Downtown Raleigh Alliance and thoroughly enjoyed working with Christer! He is a true professional. He came early for our session and ended up staying late, without being asked. He perfectly understood what we needed and was willing to adapt on the fly when a photogenic moment came up at our event. He is especially good at nighttime event photography.”
– Stacey Simeone